Good lord!

This is the 1400th Daily Brain Tattoo since #1 on the 25th March 2017.

I promise you, I haven’t missed a single day. Except for every Sunday when I don’t write one.

Even God had a day off, right!?

As I had a few drinks to celebrate this glorious landmark, I’m going to simply mark that fabulous day in our history with some other stuff going on right then:

  1. It was a Saturday.
  2. The largest banana split ever, at 8040m long was made in Australia
  3. Roberta Hazard, American retired Rear Admiral (US Navy), died at 82
  4. Elton John was seventy years old
  5. It was four days before Theresa May signed Article 50 and removed the UK from the EU
  6. A bust of footballer Ronaldo was globally ridiculed as it looked nothing like him
  7. I published my first Daily Brain Tattoo, called Happy = Successful

What were you doing on that day?

Best story wins a prize…

Love you lots

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