Isn’t it odd when people say that?

Whoever answered, “no, I’d rather you lied to me at this point!”?

It’s the verbal equivalent of a facial tic.

Other fluffy fillers which show you as less-than-authoritative when you use them:

At the end of the day…(what are you, a footballer?)
I’m not being funny, but…(what comes next is rarely funny)
To be fair…(usually preceding a savage put-down)
I hope you are well…(we know you have no knowledge of, or interest in our health)
I think…(just give the advice as solid truth, not your “thinking”)
In my opinion…(of course it’s your opinion, or you wouldn’t be saying it)
Please don’t hesitate to contact me…(we’ll do that anyway if we want to, obvs)
It goes without saying…(why are you saying it then?)
With respect…(suggests you believe zero respect is due)

Drop the airy persiflage.

Stand tall, speak softly, but make a big noise.



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