My friend Yayati Desai is the epitome of calm, measured and seemingly effortless. He coaches successful families from his local office in Surat, India, and helps them with personal and relationship issues.

Yayati also approaches marketing his practice with the same clear, simple mindset.

“Just find the next person to talk to” is his winning formula, cutting through any potential overwhelm from so many possible marketing channels, and replacing it with a single, coherent task.

I caught up with him for EP 2 of The Jonny Hates Marketing Podcast, and here’s what I discovered:

  • Why a ridiculous question can get a ridiculously big result
  • How to open the Aladdin’s Cave on your doorstep
  • When family ties proved a simple way to more clients
  • Why a local business still works in the age of globalisation
  • What a chilled-out person REALLY sounds like

BONUS: Free ten-minute LIVE meditation, with actual meditation music and stuff.

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Jonny Hates Marketing, but he loves a live link to India!

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