This is DBT number 999.

Yep, in case you missed the news, tomorrow will be the 1,000th consecutive little squirt of Jonny Juice splashing around in your inbox first thing in the morning.

We’re marking this auspicious occasion by letting YOU loose on the community every day next week, from Monday the 8th to Saturday the 13th.

That means you can write a Daily Brain Tattoo which could be read by a combined audience of over 10,000 subscribers, followers and Group members simply by submitting your 150-word idea in reply to this email.

The DBTs are:

Single topic
Aimed at coaches and therapists

If you’d like to submit a DBT for consideration, paste it in reply to this email, and we’ll take a look at it right away.

We’ll choose our six favourites over this weekend, and your work could be enshrined forever as a Daily Brain Tattoo!


PS – My own 999 nugget for today: “Choosing a single, concise client avatar enables you not only to attract the people you want to work with, but you get to actively repel everyone else.”
Also PS – The picture? The sublime Ducati 999 superbike.

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