Yesterday, I had a day off. 

If you can call screaming round a damp racetrack in the East Midlands of England “off”.

And yet, probably like you, I never truly switch off.

I’m always observing, plotting and scheming based on things I see, hear and feel.

And after racing for 25 years – on-and-off – here are 7 things I saw, heard and felt yesterday at Donington Park:

1: You never forget how to do something once you’ve practiced enough
2: Some people are rubbish at things they enjoy, but they do them anyway
3: Having a business like ours allows you to experience the extraordinary
4: It’s easy to think you’re better than you are, but the stopwatch never lies
5: A bit of well-managed danger now and then reminds you why life is worth living
6: You don’t need to be world-class at something to impress those who don’t do it at all
7: There are many ordinary wealthy people out there, probably working far less than we are

How many of those ideas are worth remembering about your life and business today?


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