When it comes to the basics of life, it can be good to be boring, predictable and conservative.

Just maybe, it isn’t worth the energy, mindspace and time pondering over what to have for breakfast today. Simply have what you had yesterday, and move on to something important.

Here’s my breakfast routine:

  • Green tea with a slice of lemon
  • Lightly toast 2 slices of wholemeal granary bread
  • Plaster one slice with organic peanut butter
  • Spread the other with lovely ripe avocado flesh
  • Squidge together in an unholy alliance of taste, nutrition and wonder

Now, apart from being a bloody lovely sandwich (try it, and tell me it’s not), making that every morning allows me to function on autopilot, despite it being a relatively complex construction.

And here’s the thing: in the 15 minutes it takes me to prepare and consume my delightful petit dejeuner, I’ve hatched any number of crackpot schemes for the day ahead and anchored my agenda in my mind.

I’m in good company: Barack Obama used to wear the same colour suits, shirt and tie each day so he didn’t have to waste energy choosing.

When it comes to the important decisions, you need the capability and capacity to think deeply, choose well and execute with vigour.

Don’t burn out on minutiae. 


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