As you know, automation is one of the Five Secrets of Recurring Revenue, covering everything from emails sent and received, social media interactions and posting, to membership offers and content.

We describe it as the glue that holds everything else together, but there’s a stage before you should even think about automation, and it’s called process.

Before you automate, you have to work out what it is you’re automating.¬†

You need to manually lay out:

  • every offer you will make to your customers,
  • every action they could take in response, and
  • every reaction you can take in response to those.

You’ll probably be surprised how few options there are, and in fact most subscription businesses are relatively easy to automate because of that.

It’s one of the key things we teach at The Recurring Revenue Academy, which is filling up fast for summer 2017.

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Manual before Automatic.

Author: Jonny Cooper

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