Digital marketing and communications are changing rapidly.

Email open rates are plummeting and typically average around 20% at best.

That means at least 8 out of 10 of the people you send an email to never even open it, let alone read it or click anything.

But direct messages through FB Messenger – DMs – get opened and read by almost 90% of all recipients.

JHM’s wild and wonky bot is called Barry, obvs.

This little metal idiot sends regular notifications, reminders and offers to 1689 subscribers, as of today’s date.

Everyone loves Barry, and nobody whines when he squirts something awfully useful straight in their Messenger box.

This saves time, makes us more efficient and opens endless possibilities to build an automated marketing process for our business.

Now, we’re ready to show YOU how to do it for yourself.

Next Tuesday on the Academy Secret Session at 14.00 UK, you’ll get to hear Barry’s Auntie Fritha and his dad – me – laying out the end-to-end process for creating a Messenger bot of your own.

This is a CAA subscribers-only event, but for this week ONLY we’ll open the doors to a handful of JHM members to sit in, so long as you promise to be quiet and not heckle.

If you fancy grabbing one of the exclusive day-passes to the Academy and learn about what makes Barry tick, DM me with “Barry” and we’ll let you in. Maybe.

Love you lots

PS: If you build a bot, you don’t get to call him Barry. Just no.

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