The world is filled with digital solutions.

Software that’ll do anything, everything and leave you to your four-hour work-week.

And yet.

You’re busier, more stressed and befuddled with tech.

Here are some questions to ask before you subscribe to the Next Big Tool:

  • Will I see any real benefit from using this?
  • What’s the time I’ll save if I use it?
  • How many of the features will I ever use?
  • Is there a simpler alternative? [HINT: there always is]
  • How long will it take me to learn to use it?
  • What’s the likely revenue return on the cost?
  • Should I get someone else to handle the whole thing, tech and all?
  • Will my clients see any benefit from me using this?

A tool isn’t useful if life was better without it. 


PS – We’ll be talking tools (as well as strategies and tactics) at the Client Attraction Summit on the 22nd Nov. The final handful of tickets is about to disappear. Want one? 

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