One of my mentors is Thailand-based Canadian Mitch Miller.

He teaches endlessly about how it’s essential to create and maintain an elevated status, so you can tower above your competitors and stand out from the digital noise of everyday social media.

Yesterday in the Client Attraction Academy Secret Session, I revealed five of the pillars of an elevated status for a lively 60-minute workshop.

Here’s what we covered:

1: Create a unique method around a universal principle. Make it your own, with a memorable name and style.

2: Define your reputation identity. Be clear on your core competencies, your character traits and your beliefs. State the things you’d never do for money, as well as the types of people you won’t do business with.

3: Constantly quality-check your output. Ask, ” is this elevating my status, or diminishing it?”

4: Make an ordinary/extraordinary flip. Position yourself as “just like” your audience, despite obviously advanced knowledge, skills and status.

5: Shout about your achievements. If you don’t, nobody will. Remind the world what you’re really, really good at. Make yourself a highly visible specialist and demonstrate your skills in the most dramatic way you can.

On the session, our Academy members worked hard to create positioning for all that stuff, which they’re now implementing in their businesses.

60 minutes that could change their lives forever!



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