Super-coach Rich Litvin reminded me about a ploy that stealthy poachers use to trap monkeys. 

They bury a banana in a hole just big enough for a monkey to get their hand in, but not big enough to allow the monkey to pull out the banana in their clenched fist.

Lacking the imagination to let go of the banana and scarper to safety, the hapless simian is paralysed and becomes a sitting duck.

So now you know the answer to the question, “how do you turn a monkey into a duck?”, what does this have to do with you?


Many coaches and therapists also self-sabotage by gripping tightly onto things they really, really should let go of:

  • A client who pays too little and demands too much
  • A business model that hasn’t worked over years of trying
  • A scarcity mindset over money, keeping them poor
  • A comfort zone that means they play small, forever
  • 1:2:1 client work as their single daily offering

Monkeys can’t read, so I know you’re not a monkey.

That also means you can let go of your bananas, and go find freedom in another place.


PS – I’d love to help you in your quest for freedom – financial, time and location – so here’s where it starts

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