I was reading about some mad stuff James Clear’s readers tell him they do, to discourage bad habits:

  • KILLING THE SNOOZE BUTTON: She hung a QR code in the bathroom and made it the only way to turn off her phone alarm
  • STOPPING EVENING BOOZING: Brushing teeth at 8pm to discourage “dirtying” them with wine afterwards
  • CUTTING DOWN SMOKING: Leaving cigarettes in the cold car on the street (Better just to stop, but hey!)

If creating friction curtails BAD habits, how can you reduce friction to encourage GOOD ones?

  • SUPER-HYDRATING: Have a water-jug on your desk
  • REGULAR WRITING: Tell the world you’re going to publish something every day
  • GETTING YOUR NEW PROGRAMME FINISHED: Sell places on it before it’s ready!

What do you to reduce friction and get your good things done?


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