I got asked that today, by a well-meaning coach who has already got jingle-bells round her profile pic.

Look, I’m no Scrooge, and am actually quite looking forward to a few days less-than-full-on, but the “ready for Xmas” mindset also breeds a whole bunch of other troublesome thinking:

  •  “December’s a slow month for business.” Well, it sure is now.
  • “Nobody wants to do anything before the New Year.” Not with you, they won’t.
  • “I had a record September.” Yeah, that was quite a while back, wasn’t it?
  • “It’s a great time to wind down and plan for next year.” Make sure you “plan” to do some business next November and December.
  • “People are spending all their money on presents.”  Funny, I’ve never met anyone who did that.

The seasons ebb and flow, I get that.

In fact, round about now is actually when people are most relaxed, happy, and ready to launch into their best year ever.

Don’t miss the Christmas rush!


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