I spent an inspiring afternoon today with the owners of the remarkable MoBro’s, the UK gentlemen’s beard grooming business that’s about to go vertical.

Here are some of the elements that’s driving the success of this brilliant venture:

  • The close-knit founder-team* who share identical goals and pursue them with passion and vigour
  • Fabulous products serving a very focused niche, perfect for recurring subscriptions
  • A mischievous sense of fun in the company’s DNA
  • Rabid desire to outsource everything except that which only THEY can do
  • Profitable and thriving after less than three years from launch

Benchmark your venture against that list and ask – how many of those describe your business today?

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about MoBro’s in the next few months.

In fact, I’ll grow a beard if we don’t.

Author: Jonny | Let’s checklist YOUR business now

*They should be close-knit – they’re three brothers!

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