Yesterday I’m strolling on the beach, settling my mind before the Academy Secret Session earlier, when this lovely lady approaches me and asks if I want a massage.

Her actual words:

“Body massage 20 euro?”

I say yes immediately and she giggles, surprised.

I guess not many people said yes today.

You could compare her approach to you cold-DMing a stranger to offer your business services.

Some will say yes. Most will ghost you or try to put you down, frustrated you wasted their time.

She gets all varieties of rejection, no doubt.

But imagine if she swaps the beach for a booth at the entrance to a busy gym.

She’s just as determined to do business there, so she’s standing out front, asking everyone who passes:

“Body massage 20 euro?”

She’d go down a storm!

The difference in that idea and what she’s doing today is not her strategy.

It’s her audience.

People working their bodies hard in gyms probably quite like getting massaged.

LESSON: If you have an audience who wants what you’re selling, cold calling works fine.

Build an audience of your ideal clients, and you can sell them anything, because they want it.

Love you lots

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