You know when you get invited to “guest” on someone’s podcast?

And you know how you show up, all experty?

And afterwards, do you remember thinking, “WTF was all that about?”.

Well, keep it up.

Here are seven steps to ensure podcasts will always be a big fat waste of time for you:

1: Don’t bother researching the podcast target audience. Just blather on about your favourite topic. They’ll love it anyway.
2: Don’t find out what the host is going to ask you. Playing it by ear is way better than having any kind of structure.
3: Don’t set any objective for your participation. Who cares if you got nothing out of it? Podcasts are fun, right?
4: Never enquire about the size of their audience. It’s none of your business, and they might think you’re rude.
5: Don’t do a sound-check beforehand. This ain’t the BBC, so it doesn’t matter if you sound like a wartime fighter pilot.
6: Don’t promote your appearance anywhere round your social. The host’s reach is plenty enough to get you famous.
7: Have a really hard-to-spell domain name so nobody catches it when it gets read out. If they’re interested, they’ll find you.

In short, podcasts.



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