Would you like to end this year differently from last?

I mean seriously, radically different, wholly and completely a BETTER version of yourself?

You’re a smart person, so I’ll assume the answer’s yes.

Here are seven ways to make that happen. Probably.

1: Stop getting offended and triggered by people criticising you or your work. They know almost nothing about you, so they’re simply referring to themselves and using your persona as a mirror of how they feel about their own life.

2: Become infinitely healthy by sleeping 8 hours a night, making rational food choices and keeping booze firmly under control. If you smoke, don’t anymore. When your body’s operating at its peak, it’s exponentially easier to tune your mind.

3: Control your calendar. Your time is yours, not theirs. When you want to meet or talk with someone, send your scheduling link. If you’ve blocked out everything else (Free Time, Me-Time, Gym Time, Sleep, Lunch et al) they can only slot in when it suits you.

4: You can only remain an expert if you keep on learning. Read the best books in your profession and implement their teachings. Start conversations with people smarter than you. Discover something new and useful every day.

5: With so much anger, aggression and division in the world right now, it’s never been easier to stand out simply by being kind. Generosity, forgiveness and humility are success traits that’ll mark you as someone worth knowing, liking and trusting.

6: Learn to define your ideal client’s big expensive problem clearly and comprehensively, using the language THEY use when they’re talking about it. It’s much easier to sell an irresistible solution to a problem when they believe you really GET it.

7:  Start behaving like the person you want to become. Successful people don’t mope, moan, bitch, complain, procrastinate or worry about failing. Not so much, anyway. Stop yourself doing any of that, and you’re automatically on the way up.

BONUS HACK #7.5: Have fun. We’re designed to laugh, joke and enjoy our paltry, unlikely existence on this blue marble. If it’s hurting for longer than a little while, stop it and do something else instead.

Happy 2022, and may your wildest dreams come true!

Love you lots

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