Iconic author Robin Sharma paints a sadly accurate picture of modern society when he says:

What an era we inhabit! 10 second videos of people dancing are consumed by millions yet too many of the heroic books remain unread by most.

If you don’t want to be part of this tragic intellectual decline, Sharma offers some antidotes to dumbing-down:

  • Be a contrarian
  • Go deep versus really wide
  • Have rich conversations
  • Think interesting thoughts
  • Apply rigor and excellence and carefulness to all that you do
  • Be a heavyweight in a culture gone ultra-light

And strangely (or maybe not) those are all behaviours that’ll supercharge your authority with your ideal clients, and position you as the thought leader they desperately want.

It’s also a great way to live, and is likely to attract exponential success and abundance for you.


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