The world’s opening up – meaning travel, live events and real meetings are all going to be back on your table.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve almost forgotten what that felt like, right?

But, it’s just around the corner.

For sure.

Here’s a short checklist of things to do RIGHT NOW so you can leverage the next few months and make this year truly epic:

1: Set a date for your next LIVE event. Venues are getting booked already, plus your audience is hungry and getting registered for OTHER PEOPLE’S events as we speak.
2: Launch a group around your expertise on Meetup .com in your local area, where you can gather your ICAs and establish yourself as a leader.
3: Keep pushing your ONLINE game, so you can continue to captivate and engage your social audience even when they’re out and about in the real world.
4: Prod your corporate clients and prospects for workshops and training sessions for their staff when things open up. Chances are, your competitors are already doing this.
5: Reach out to your national and global contacts to set up JVs, speaking engagements and programmes you can deliver to their audiences as soon as practical.

Make no mistake: now’s the time to plan the face-to-face stuff that’ll compliment your online business, and drive even more success to your on-screen empire.

Love you lots


PS: Tell us what you’re planning, post-lockdown!

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