There are many ways to fail.

In fact, most worthwhile pursuits have a clearly defined RIGHT way to do them, outnumbered exponentially by imaginative yet ultimately fruitless other ways.

At best, and as my dear old dad was fond of reminding me, “there’s an easy way and a hard way to do this”.

Some examples:

Hard: Trying to appeal to everyone
Easy: Defining a singular ideal client

Hard: Selling your time by the hour
Easy: Delivering your services to groups

Hard: Trying to do everything yourself
Easy: Building a motivated team

Hard: Working on numerous things at once
Easy: Having a monomaniacal focus on ONE thing

Hard: Learning from your own mistakes
Easy: Learning from others already succeeding

And that last one is the NUMBER ONE failure trait.

Being surrounded by knowledgeable, expert mentors, and choosing to ignore them.


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