How many of these are you guilty of? 

⚠️ Drafting a response to a clinical, political or religious post with which you disagree
⚠️ Looking enviously at other’s social media “success” and feeling inadequate
⚠️ Telling yourself you’ll get started on the important stuff once you’ve [Insert delaying-excuse tactic here]
⚠️ Painstakingly crafting content before you have a hungry audience to see or hear it
⚠️ Sniffing around to see which “guru” has the missing link that’ll finally kick-start your business

Love you lots

PS: If you did none of those, well done. I guess you were too busy starting conversations with people who looked like your ideal clients!

Also PS: Just a solid weekend between you and a half-price first edition of the Jonny Hates Selling book, launching on Monday. Here’s where to nab a copy:

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