I’ve been ClubHousing it a bit this weekend and discovered that much of the action on there is about self-love, awareness, personal values, good vibes etc…

And it made me realise that you don’t know much about what make ME tick, and I don’t know much about YOU, outside of business anyway.

Let’s get rolling with 5 things you might not know about me, then you can tell me some of yours:

💖 I’m a vociferous vegan because animal agriculture is cruel, it’s killing the planet, and it’s not good for our health.
💖 I’m a member of Richard Dawkin’s Foundation For Reason And Science because my worldview is rooted in truth, learning and discovery
💖 I have 3 children spanning 4 decades from 3 different baby-mommas
💖 I’ve been playing the piano since I was 9 (thanks Dad) and identify as A Musician
💖 I drive a hybrid (soon to be all-electric) because burning fossil fuels for transport is one of the worst ideas mankind ever had

How about you and what floats your boat? I’ll reply to your reply.

Love you lots

PS: Here’s the FB Groups Pro-Tips I posted over the weekend in JHM. You’ll want to read and implement both these.

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