I’m just back from Southern California, where it never rains and you wish they all could be girls from there, as two pop songs once suggested.

Apart from a tan, here’s what I took away this time:

1: LA is a crazy expensive place to live. My bro got on the property ladder in the 90s and now has two houses worth over $3m
2: We can run our businesses from anywhere in the world, but an eight-hour timezone difference is limiting it a bit!
3: Everything is better in sunshine. Completing a task knowing you can cycle down the Pacific boardwalk afterwards is big fun
4: There’s a much bigger choice of fabulous coffee there…
5: It’s possible to eat really, really great organic and plant-based food, but most locals ignore it and eat crap anyway

Back in the saddle from today, so watch out for some big news about virtual tickets for The Client Attraction Summit

Love you lots

PS: The pic? Me admiring the legendary Barbie doll display on Venice beach. Wait, what?

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