I want you to live a great life.

I know you have it in you, and I want to help bring it out.

I want your last day on earth to be a calm and proud retrospective of how you reached your full potential.

It’s clear that great people build great legacies by continually learning, growing, and evolving.

And, by asking questions of themselves, relentlessly.

Here are five to get you started:

  1. How important and useful am I to others?
  2. What kind of people could benefit the most from what I do?
  3. Who’s one person I can help today?
  4. What should I do more of, from now?
  5. What should I stop doing, forever?

I test myself monthly with those 5, and more.

Try them yourself and you’ll be on your way to that great life. 


PS – We hung out with 30 inspired and inspiring coaches on Saturday at the Inner Circle Live event in London. Emotionally charged it was. You can buy the full event recording, along with a bunch of priceless bonuses, right here.  

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