I’ve been watching a wonderful documentary called Laurel Canyon, about the hippy rock scene of the late 60s and early 70s based in that particular area of LA.

Eagles frontman and legendary musician Don Henley spoke a universal truth when he said:

Most people who make it big are not prepared for it. Success can be just as scary as failure, if not scarier. Some people don’t actually live through it. 

And it got me wondering: does any of this stuff make you scared? 

The chance to live the life of your dreams however and where you want
Planning a real business instead of an expensive hobby
The idea you could be world renowned for your skills and abilities
The thought you could be earning ten times what you’re earning today
Believing your legacy of impact could live on long after you’re gone

If any of that does make you feel queasy, anxious or incredulous, try this:

1: Look around for someone in your profession already successfully living that life
2: Research their background and examine their current processes
3: Ask, if they can do it, why can’t I?

If any other answer than “No Reason Why” comes up, you’re missing the point.

Success is nothing to be scared of.

Living out your life at a fraction of your potential is way more terrifying. 

Love you lots


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