Social media AKA Facebook is a noisy, messy and sometimes downright unpleasant place to hang out.

Just like you wouldn’t spend all day in a stinky diesel-filled bus terminal, mastering Facebook means you get in, pick your ride, and get out.

No more Time-Suck.

Here’s three things you can do in 30-mins a day, spread over 10-minute sessions:

  1. Early AM – post an engaging question for your Group, or wherever else you’re most connected.
  2. Midday – invite 10 people to join your community or your Friends network
  3. Evening – post some sage-like wisdom that hits your ideal client right between the eyes

That latter can be a live video or a written post, but make it smart, snazzy and irresistible.

And content can be scheduled in advance natively in FB Groups, so you don’t even need to be there to be out there.

Then, when people are engaging, your next challenge is to turn that into money.

Shall I show you that tomorrow? 


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