Five years ago yesterday, the current Mrs Cooper and I got wed on the beach in Antigua.

Here’s what I got to thinking, last night:

💖 Nothing’s perfect. Relationships, businesses, programmes…you just have to take a step that scares you and see what happens
💖 You get better at anything, the more you try it. This is #4 for me, and I’m way more equipped for “success” this time
💖 Life’s more fun when you surround yourself with people who are on your side, no matter what.

Tanya and I stand together, and always will, hopefully. 💃🕺🏻

We rock!

Love you (and us!) lots

PS: It’s the last two days of the Jonny Hates Selling VIP book launch Group, as it’s closing tomorrow. If you want to claim your book review goodies, you have one day left! 

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