Author Tim Denning lists 10 ideas that will make you feel good about your life.

Which resonate with you?

👉 Rejection is redirection, not failure
👉 Everyone is struggling; it’s just invisible
👉 If you could hear people’s thoughts, you’d see we’re all crazy
👉 You’re doing the best you can
👉 You have more than you think
👉 You don’t have to wait. You can start now
👉 Give love and you’ll receive love
👉 Worry can expand and contract
👉 Don’t be ashamed of the masks you wear
👉 Picture your worst day. Your last day will be worse

But you know the best thing of all about your life?

It’s yours.

Of all the billions of combinations of eggs, sperms and genes that could have emerged from your mother’s womb, it was you who won the jackpot.

You’re here, and that should fill you with unlimited joy. 


PS: Talking of joy, how delightful is this? 

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