Watching my 2 year-old lad clambering steps and sliding down slides in a beachfront playground earlier, I saw the world through his eyes:

👶 Life’s fun, right?
👶 Life’s right NOW!
👶 Enjoy every moment!
👶 No worries!
👶 This other kid seems cool!


Then I came back into my world and realised that’s exactly how I feel when I work with my clients every day.

One of the great luxuries of running your own business, and particularly a coaching practice in the 21st century, is that you get to write your own rules.

It’s your playground.

If it’s not fun, every day, change the rules. 


PS – A thriving Facebook Group like Jonny Hates Marketing is loads of fun, and lets me engage with my ideal clients, every day. If you’d like to learn how to do that with your own Facebook Group, I’m running a free masterclass next week, on Wednesday the 25th at 1pm UK. Check it out, and register if you fancy it.

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