Complexity > Confusion > Chaos

Instead, Apply The Three Pillars Of Effortless Marketing
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8-figure entrepreneur and anti-marketer Jonny Cooper has released three short videos that will change your coaching, therapy or consultancy practice forever.


WHAT do you REALLY do?

  • You’re not a coach
  • You’re not a therapist
  • You’re not a trainer
  • You’re definitely NOT a consultant
  • Find out WHAT you really DO in this video


WHO is it REALLY for?

  • What you do is not for everyone
  • It’s not for ALMOST everyone
  • It’s not even for MOST people
  • It’s definitely NOT for “anybody who…etc etc”
  • Find out who your IDEAL client really IS in this video


HOW do you DELIVER it?

  • Don’t sell a “Service”
  • Don’t sell “Sessions”
  • Don’t even sell “Packages”
  • Definitely don’t swap your TIME for MONEY
  • Find out what people REALLY want to buy from you in this video

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