As you know, I’m a huge fan of Facebook which, for all its quirks, is the great blue gift from heaven for coaches and therapists.

It’s free (unless you choose to advertise), a third of all living humans use it, and it lets you build a community of your ideal clients in a unique way.

That’s called a Facebook Group.

There are only three things you need before you launch and scale a Facebook Group in 2021:

1: Motive – What’s it for and why do you need it?
2: Membership – Who are they and where do you find them?
3: Momentum – How do you sustain and grow it?

I’m a huge fan because I’ve impacted the lives of thousands of coaches and therapists since 2017, and over 500 of you have benefited directly from joining one of my programmes.

All that, without spending a penny on ads, and purely through organic conversations in the JHM Group.

What’s not to love? 


PS: You’re going to be hearing lots more about how to launch, scale and earn money from your very own Facebook Group in the next month or so, as I’m revealing all the insider secrets in an exclusive mini-workshop on the 22nd February 2021. If you want in, reply with “FB” and I’ll make sure you get a chance for a ticket. 

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