I’ve had two experiences this week where I was made to feel undervalued and unimportant.

The first was travelling on a budget airline – the nasty orange one.

It was the only flight to where we wanted to go, so we struggled with baggage restrictions, miles of walking to the plane, steps to get on and off, and a lost stroller when we arrived.

Second rubbish experience was discovering a magnificent beach on the Tuscan coast, to be told that we had to move, as it was “private”. We could have stayed there if we hiked a half-mile to a hotel reception desk and bought a 40-euro token.

We didn’t.

As transformation professionals, it’s tempting to construct a product ladder that leaves your best stuff for people who are prepared to pay for it.

Here’s a much, much, better idea:

Give away your best work.

Really: the secrets, the crown jewels, the keys to the kingdom.


Because your ideal client will feel truly valued, and will wonder how they can pay you to get even more.


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