Most coaches I know are pretty good at what they do. Therapists too, bringing much needed and sometimes transformational impact to their clients.

There are very few BAD personal trainers either, probably owing to how much practice they have to do to get their qualifications.


Being good at what you do isn’t enough.

You have to be able to market it, and sell it, and to the RIGHT people who actually need it.

That’s hard, which explains why the average coaching income across the UK is around £30,000 a year.

If you’re close to that average, you probably don’t need to get better at what you do with you clients, but you need to get better at finding them in the first place.

I can help with that, as I was a good coach without any clients a few years back. A REALLY good coach, so they told me. It took me a long time to figure out how to find more ideal clients, more easily.

Now I’ve put everything I’ve learned, and everything I do today, into one high-impact, small-group programme.

It’s called The Success Project LIVE 2018, and I’m launching the all-new Spring curriculum on the 22nd March 2018.

I know you’re good enough.

Now let me show you how to get paid for it.


PS – Click the link for full details of how to register, and I’ll give you an early-bird bonus if you join TSP LIVE before the end of Feb.

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