Thomas Edison had a meticulously-designed lab in New Jersey where he invented and developed world-changing technologies and products.

Rudyard Kipling sought out a perfect sanctuary in Suffolk where he could quietly go about his peerless creation.

Google leads the way with inspirational campus-style workspaces that bring out the best in their employees.

Most people though, simply make do with what they have.

Dressing table in the spare bedroom as an afterthought
Awful seating position wrecking posture and flexibility
Tiny laptop screens giving them headaches and slowing them down
Backdrop of untidy chaos, making them look like a careless amateur
Lousy internet, impeding communications and driving frustration

Here’s a checklist to see how your work environment might be holding you back:

  • Can you see the daylight from your desk? You should.
  • How many plants (Real, live ones) in your workspace? More than one is good.
  • How many monitors? If you do most of your work online, three is the optimum for productivity.
  • Whiteboard? Essential for doodles, notes and goal setting in plain view.
  • Distractions?  If you operate from home, set clear family boundaries. When you’re at work, you’re at work.
  • Clutter? Clear that desk! There’s no excuse for for piles of papers, staplers, plates and cups.
  • Flaky internet or phone signal? Do whatever it takes to sort it out.

Find your sanctuary, clear your mind, do your great work.

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