We’re into the final 3 – the holy trinity – in Jonny’s Top Ten Success Rules to help you earn what you deserve as a coach, trainer or therapist in 2018.


This really deserves its place in the Top Three Success Rules because it’s typically where many transformation professionals are at their weakest.

Charging enough to sustain a viable business is not only essential for you, it’s vital for your clients too. What kind of a coach are you if you can’t afford to stick around and work with them?

Here are some of the “reasons” I hear why coaches are not making a living:

  • I don’t think my clients will pay any more
  • This is what the competition is charging
  • I’m not good enough to charge more
  • I don’t want to risk them saying “no”
  • I’m embarrassed talking about money
  • It’s not about the money, I just want to help
  • I need to do some free sessions first
  • My clients are all poor but really need me

FYI – all of those statements are simply constructs of your own imagination, born out of a fundamental misunderstanding of the way the world works, and they are extremely unlikely to be true.

The only way to properly serve your clients is to charge what your work is worth to them. That’s fair, scalable and sustainable.

Anything else is just an irresponsible waste of your precious life and abilities, and nobody wants to watch you doing that.


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